Saturday, April 18, 2009


This Friday's VEISHA celebration was bitter and sweet at the same time.  I really enjoy VEISHEA, because it's a great opportunity to get together with friends to enjoy the campustown scene.  Throughout the afternoon of libations, I was bombarded with rumors of Cael Sanderson accepting a much higher paying position at Penn State Univesity.  While I must admit that even though I'm not a die-hard wrestling fan, anyone could easily see that this would figure to be a huge loss for Iowa State.  As the afternoon unfolded, the rumors eventually became reality.  I only wish everyone would put the spin aside and simply come out and say that it was a financial opportunity that could not be passed up.  Period.

Depsite the aforementioned news, the rest of the afternoon and evening turned out to be yet another a great time.
  I enjoyed logging hours at Cafe Beaudelaire, Mickey's Irish Pub, Cy's Roost, and of course, The Whiskey River.  It's fun to talk to people that come back to Ames to partake in the annual festivities.  Reminiscing about the bitterly cold treks to class, Fridays after class, the nasty final that kicked you in the genitals, and previous legendary VEISHA parties help you to realize that time flies by quickly.  While I might be getting too old to hang with the college professionals, I still managed to put a hurt on the gyro stand.

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